I often find those with broken iPads/iPhones are unaware of Apple’s Out-of-Warranty Service. Apple's Out-of-Warranty Service encourages users with accidental damage to stay with Apple without paying full price for a new iPad/iPhone. This is a huge saving as with today's pricing, a 64GB iPhone 5S would cost AU$1,129 outright and if the device was damaged, replacing it through Apple's Out-of-Warranty Service would cost only AU$348.95!

Apple’s Out-of-Warranty Service covers devices that have been water damaged, cracked or are outside of their warranty period. The only requirements are that the device needs to be in one piece and cannot be damaged due to an unauthorised modification/repair.

The web pages containing the Out-of-Warranty Service information can be hard to find. Below are direct links:

iPad - Service Answer Centre

iPhone - Service Answer Centre

Simply walk into an Apple Store with your device and pay the Out-of-Warranty Service fee. Apple will replace your iPhone/iPad with a new or equivalent (refurbished) device of the exact same model and capacity.